Friday, August 13, 2010

Next Generation of Desktop Wallpapers

As our computers are evolving, so are the desktop applications such wallpapers and screensavers. Wallpaper and ScreenSavers started as people loved to save their pictures of their family, cars, or even their favorite celebrities to their desktop computer wallpaper. With different devices and computer monitor display sizes, it's changing the game for computer wallpaper as different sizes of resolutions and images and screens savers must be developed to fit the new resolutions.

The movie films are moving to 3 dimensional in visual and sounds and many web designers are following that path as 3D graphics are being used for desktop computer backgrounds. Screensavers are using 3D animated cartoons and images to make their screen saver more popular than ever before.

Here is a good list of 10 sites for next generation desktop wallpapers and screen savers:

1. Wallpaper from

2. Desktop Wallpaper from

3. Desktop Wallpapers from

4. Desktop Wallpapers from DesktopWallpaper.Org

5. Free Wallpapers from

6. Widescreen Wallpapers from

7. Free Screensavers from

8. Free Wallpaper from

9. Computer Backgrounds from

10. Free Pictures from

11. Free Backgrounds from Backgrounds.BZ

12. Seashells Wallpapers from

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